Read Full Article: Black Clover Manga: An Overview of Black Clover by Yuki Tabata

Manga, or comics and graphic novels originating from Japan, have been gaining rapid traction for a while now. As the literary versions of the legendary anime, they have a huge deal of popularity in the global market. To break down the etymology of manga, it is a combination of words that mean ‘whimsical’ and ‘art’, referring to weird and surreal narratives embellished by traditional Japanese art. One such whimsical narrative that is on everyone’s tongues right now is the Black Clover Manga series by Japanese writer and artist Yuki Tabata.

Black Clover Manga combines the genres of action and adventure with comedy, drama and fantasy. And thus this supernatural action drama is a treat for manga readers. At the heart of this series is Asta. Asta is basically an orphan who grows up in an orphanage along with a friend, Yuno. Contrary to popular fantasy narratives, Asta is born without any magical powers to helm him. In a world where magic is mundane and everyone possesses magical powers harnessed through mana, Asta is different because of his lack of magical prowess. His companion Yuno, conversely, is prodigious at manipulating magic for his purposes. However, Asta’s lack of magical powers does not in any way signal his lack of ambition. He has a singular goal. This is to become the next Wizard King, the second most powerful person in the land, next only to the king.